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Yes. If the repossession agency is working for the legal owner, the repossessor may enter your vehicle, connect it to a tow truck, and take it. I you try to stop the repossessor from taking your vehicle, you could be breaking the law. There are legal steps to follow to get your vehicle back.
No. The company is only required to display the repossession agency's license number.
It is against the law to "remove, conceal, or disponse of" property with the intent to defraud the owner. If you regularly store your vehicle ina rental garage or other private storage facility, the keeper of that garage or facility must notify the nearest police or sheriff's department within 24 hours of storing the vehicle (VC 10654)
Yes. The repossession agency must notify you by mail or in person within 48 hours after repossessing your vehicle. If the 48 hour period includes a Saturday, Sunday, or postal holiday, the repossessor has 72 hours to notify you.

If you are present when your vehicle is repossessed, you may take any personal effects that are not a danger to health or life, or the repossessor can remove the items from the vehicle and give them to you. If you are not present, the repossessor must inventory everything found in the vehicle and store the items securely for at least 60 days.

Any weapons or dangerous drugs found when a vehicle is repossessed must be listed in the inventory and given to a law enforcement agency. Flammaable items. food, and health hazard items also are listed on the inventory, then disposed of safety
After 60 days, you are no longer entitled to any personal items left in the vehicle. The items may be given away, thrown away, or sold. The repossession agency must keep the personal effects inventory list and information as to how a and when items were distributed.

Yes, however the law provides only that the fee be"reasonable". In most cases, you not the legal owner of the vehicle are responsable for this fee.

NOTE: Storage fees are usually charged by the day, the bill for storing items for the 60 days could be substantial.
You must contact the legal owner and pay the required fees, payments, late fees, and costs related to the repossession. You must also receive a release from the legal owner stating that you can redeem you vehicle from the repossessor. You must also show the repossession agency proof that you paid the police or sheriff's office or a "redemption release" (See Government Codes 26751 & 41612).
Personalized plates are removed, inventoried, and stored with personal effects. If you do not claim the plates within 60 days, they are destroyed.
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